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Just a note to let you know how much my parents love working with you! For older people it is a challenge to stay relevant. Internet and computers are really the best way for them to do this. However, their generation is not always up to date or skilled with technology. This is where you come in - So thanks again for all your help! I am very glad that you and my parents are connected, and that they are staying connected to technology - Cheers!
Dane Shipp, Montecito

Hi Harold! Thank you for your help with the wedding video project of mine - I watched the video last night and I'm really happy with the final product! It's a cute, fun little video and I know my family will love it. All it took was someone like you who had the knowledge and ability to put everything together for us. I appreciate all the effort and time you spent with us on it and it turned out great! What a relief to have this project finally finished! Thanks again -
CT, Santa Barbara

Harold: Thank you so much for making the time in your schedule to work on our computers. They're working beautifully and quickly! You are now our official 'go-to-guy' for all technical matters - Have a great weekend!
Julie Kellner, Montecito

I was in San Antonio on travel and wanted to connect to a wireless network at the hotel, but there was no WiFi - ARRGGH! Luckily I could connect my laptop with an ethernet cable but, I forgot to bring my Airport Express so . . . no WiFi for the iPad. Just then, Harold calls to say hi and chat - I explain my situation and he says 'I have a solution for that!' He guided me to the sharing settings in System Preferences, then click internet sharing and select the WiFi option on the right and now I have a wireless way to connect my iPad - Brilliant! Thanks to Harold for saving the day!
Warren Hanson, Santa Barbara

Hey Harold, just a quick note to say I'm doing fine! Again, a BIG BIG thank you for helping me on the mess I was in. In the last couple of days I'm beginning to feel like my old self again - Confident and productive. I'm slowly getting back to work and loving it. Maybe it's time to finish the half-finished book I've been working on . . . I really felt like giving up when I could not work anymore - You got me going again BIG TIME and I will never forget it!
Mike Bono, Santa Barbara


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