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Shopping for Seniors

Need to find the perfect gift for the octogenarian in your life? Seniors can be tech people, too! Forget about the slipper socks and terrycloth robes. Many of today’s seniors are beginning to have more interest in Facebook than face creams.

Computers are getting easier to use every day. As a local consultant, I’ve helped many people get organized and make some great things happen on their computers and other hi-tech gadgets. Never has this been more true than recently with seniors. User-friendly computers, iPads and iPhones have made it a great time for older folks to revisit the simple ways a computer can help them get things done. Over the years, I’ve worked with many beginners to gain a clear and simple understanding of how a computer can be used each day. Recently, with a little guidance, a 90-year-old man learned to use his new iMac. After just a few lessons, he’s now written and published an entire book complete with photographs.

It used to be that there were many from the previous generation who thought computers had passed them by – I’ve heard it all – and in many cases it had. But the times are changing and a new generation of elegant, simple-to-use devices is bringing computers and the Internet to anyone from preschoolers to people 100 years old or older. No manuals required! Another recent client easily learned to search the web on her new iPod Touch. She’s 105 years old, browsing and discovering new things all the time.

The touch-screen interfaces on the iPad and iPhone are great examples of the big leaps forward we are seeing in the tech world. Although there can be a few mild challenges at the very beginning, these types of devices offer great new options and opportunities for everyone. One touch takes you to your music. Another touch and you can open up that book you’ve been reading. Another touch takes you to your photos. Touch again and your phone becomes a camera and with a few more touches you can send the images to the entire family. Some people like to pop open The Wall Street Journal app and take a peek at their stock portfolio (up we go, down we go!). Seniors can especially benefit from voice assistants (like ‘Siri’ found on the new iPhone) where tiny, tedious typing can be replaced with an easily spoken web search like “Find me a recipe for peach cobbler.” It’s a piece of cake. (Well, pie actually…)

We’re all different. Some people want music and playlists from the good old days of Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller, while others are interested in just who this Lady Gaga is and why everyone is so gaga about her. Still others are interested in finding old friends on Facebook. Or maybe, they just want to finally get started emailing family and the grandkids or organizing photos. A perfect example is a 50-year wedding anniversary gift from the kids to mom and dad – an iPad. They love it and are using it almost every day. When you throw an Apple TV into the mix, anyone can wirelessly present photos, video or music from their iPad to their big screen TV. It gets everyone in on the fun and anyone can do it, even good old mom and dad. Whether your older special someone is a coin collector or a bird watcher, anyone of any age can grab an iPad and jump online.

So, if you are looking for just the right holiday gift for that special person you’ve known and loved all your life (that they may even let you use once in awhile) consider the gift of technology and save the face cream for your secret Santa gift back at the office. And if that new piece of tech is for you? Don’t be afraid… jump right in.